Hi there. We’re here to make your daily life better

We help you do your shopping so you stay on top of things.

Our apps help you save money on your shopping. You can read catalogs full of deals for inspiration. If you're looking for a deal on something specific, you can just search for it. Everything is from local stores - and it's all tied together with a shopping list to help you plan your shopping without the hassle.

It all started in 2009 in our teen rooms. Back then, our parents received lots of print catalogs with deals in their mailboxes every week. They disliked all the paper but enjoyed all the deals. So we decided to do something about it. Having coded since we were 10, we then started working on bringing catalogs into the digital age.

First, we launched the eTilbudsavis app in Denmark. Then we ventured into Norway and Sweden with our ShopGun app. In 2018, we acquired Norway's most popular app for catalogs and deals, called Mattilbud. We then realized ShopGun wasn't the best name so in 2020, we launched eTilbudsavis in Norway and eReklamblad in Sweden.

We help 1,000,000 people across Scandinavia with their shopping every month. And it's no longer just the two of us - we're a multinational team of +40 people, working out of mainly Copenhagen. Our name refers to the feeling of being on top of things. On top of your daily life. Because that's the feeling we're trying to give you with our apps.

All the best,

Morten Bo and Christian