How we work in software development

How we work in software development

This is an introduction to how we currently work in our software development team.

We are a team of builders and innovators from all over the world, based in Copenhagen, dedicated to creating new and innovative ways to simplify, lower costs, and optimize the shopping experience.

How we work

How we work

One software development team

The software development team in Tjek consists of developers, product managers, and members from our sales team and support & services team. In this way, we have relevant stakeholders and contributors close to the idea creation on new features and the code-writing processes. We organize around features and other tasks in each sprint. Each group is 100 % autonomous. They decide if, when, and how they meet during the sprint (there are no standard daily stand ups). The group will only call project managers for a refinement if they are not able to achieve their sprint goal.

10-day sprints

We plan and work in 10-day sprints, and we run three sprints before we have one innovation week.

It is possible to work on anything in a sprint, e.g.

exploration of a new idea, writing code for a feature, learn something new, code clean up or refactoring. At the beginning of every sprint, we have a planning day at the office where we talk about what makes the most sense to pursue, then we form relevant small groups around those tasks/features and the planning begins. When the group has made a sprint goal, they call the project manager and present their goal. When the group and the project manager agree on the sprint goal, the sprint starts.

At the end of every sprint (at the latest), each group will demo what they have been working on to get some feedback and to share knowledge on the current features.

After the demo, the team runs a retrospective on how to improve processes or other stuff that supports development of team relations and team work.

Innovation week

After three sprints of 10 days each, we run a 5-days innovation week where all members in our software development teams are set free to work on their own ideas, learn something new, continue on their current feature, work with technical debt or refactoring. The purpose of the innovation week is to have a week free of coordination and the possibility to cool down.

Like the sprints, we don't have any planned meetings during the innovation week, and everybody gets together on the last day of the week to demo what they have been working on to get some feedback and to knowledge share.

Everything in Github

All planning and code writing are done in GitHub. You only need to work and plan in one place. We take the perspective of the software writers.

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