The PDF Catalog Reimagined


Incito (pronounced allows retailers to create inspiring and digital catalogs automatically. It's Latin for Accelerate - Excite - Enhance - Inspire.

Check out the Incito website to learn more.

When we started Tjek, we just wanted a feed of products to make a personal and digital catalog. The timing just wasn't right as most companies didn't have a feed and the technology wasn't quite there yet. We failed over and over again and almost gave up but we never left our dream of making a digital catalog that looked human-made.

Then in 2018 we finally cracked the code. We launched Incito with Coop as the first client. The client list keeps growing and every second one Incito is being opened by someone that wants to be inspired.

Incito adapts to your screen, to the weather, time of the day, day of the week, your past interactions (completely anonymous!), and much more. Plus, businesses save money producing the catalogs and increase their sales because of the improved experience. A win-win!

There are many benefits of digital catalogs and Incito is our take on what a digital catalog should look like today.

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