Shopping Insights

For the first decade of Tjek, we didn't focus much on our data as focus was on our shopping apps. We knew we had interesting data though: years and years of supply and demand data with new data being generated all the time.

In 2020, we launched Insights by Tjek as a Power BI service together with CatMan Solution to help retailers and brands improve their marketing spend across channels, their campaigns, and much more. It's already being used by some of the largest brands in the world like Nestlé, Kellogg's, Dr. Oetker, Colgate, Toms, and Thise.

When we started Tjek, our first idea was to allow people to form groups across the country around a specific product. Our hope was that these groups of people could obtain a bulk discount. We couldn't get the idea to fly though. Now, years later, we are seeing how people using our apps are a part of affecting the deals in the app because of our Insights product. When a lot of people search for a specific product, brands and retailers learn about this and can act accordingly.

Insights is based on anonymous and clustered data from our shopping apps. We don't track people and we've spent a lot of time and energy to make sure we can measure activity completely anonymous.

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