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Our ambition at Tjek is to keep our team small. That's not because we dislike people – it's because we enjoy our small size. The great thing about tech is that you can have a massive impact with very few people. We love and cherish that!

However, when we have an open position, it's because we really need a person to help us move forward.

At Tjek, we care about your attitude and ability to adapt and learn new things. We care less about your education or experience. Tech is always changing and we believe it's all about being able to find solutions to new problems.

When we look for people to join our team, we look for people with an eager to learn and develop their skills.

We encourage you to read about who we are before applying for a job here. We always start out by looking at how well you match our culture and team before moving to your actual skills.

Who Are We Looking For?