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Oct 2022: Shift in People's Search Behavior 📈

Selected period: September 2022. LY = last year.

We see a big shift in people's search behavior due to inflation. People search more for deals on products and fewer search for chains. Therefore, it seems like people prioritizes the deal itself higher than the actual brand.

Overall, searches have increased by more than 89 %, however the share of product searches has increased by 20 % while the share of searches on brands has declined by 23 %.

Shopping Apps

A Shopping List That's Right There

The shopping list is now available on the right-hand side on the website 😍 We think this will make planning much easier and convenient:

Being able to add custom links to PDF's is the most requested feature by clients using our PDF reader. Within 1-2 weeks, you'll be able to do just that. Here's a sneak peek:


More Retailers Using Incito


Check out ILVA here.


Check out XL-BYG here.

Tjek is Doing Science!

Our efforts in Deep Learning research have recently bore fruit in the form of an accepted scientific article published in the proceedings of the 31st International Joint Artificial Intelligence Conference (IJCAI), which took place in Vienna in summer 2022. We got to fly the Tjek flag at the event during an open panel presentation and poster sessions. IJCAI is one of the top 10 scientific venues in Artificial Intelligence in the world.

At Tjek, we're investing in creating beautiful and structured catalogs automatically using machine learning. This is especially handy if you have a list of products without categories and/or priority. Then we can auto-create the catalog for you using tons of historic data.

Our article, entitled Set Interdependence Transformer: Set-to-Sequence Neural Networks for Permutation Learning and Structure Prediction introduces a new, more efficient method for learning representations of sets and combines it with attention transformations into a larger, attention-based model architecture. This model then learns how to take sets of elements and order them into a structure. In our context, this reflects taking a set of offers (of any size) and predicting which of them form complementary sections and how to order these sections into a full catalog, in a supervised fashion.


Soon, we're launching a new module in Publication Performance for Insights by Tjek where you can see when people generally read publications:

This will be an extremely helpful tool to plan when you publish publications.

Teaming Up With Skala.FM

Skala FM is the largest commercial, local radio station with almost half a million weekly listeners in southern Jutland and Fyn.

They are now battling every morning about finding the best deal via the eTilbudsavis app. They have a judge determining a winner every day. It's a relevant segment in these times with high inflation. Here's a snippet from one of the days:

Behind the Scenes

Tjek at e-commerce conference hosted by Danish Center of Commerce

Tjek at E-commerce Conference Hosted by Danish Center of Commerce

Here's five takeaways from the conference:

With more than 1,440,000 people using our shopping apps every month, Tjek is the biggest platform in the Nordics for digital publications and deals.

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