Team handbook

Team handbook

This is Tjek’s Team Handbook for team members. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about how we’re doing things at Tjek.

As a team member, this is an integrated part of your contract so make sure to read it carefully—also when it's updated. If you have any questions, comments, etc., for the handbook, please write or talk to Fie Jørgensen (People & Culture).

Some of the sections in this handbook will apply only if you're working at our headquarters in Denmark. Such sections are clearly marked. If you're working off site, other rules may apply.

This is Tjek’s Team Handbook for team members. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about how we’re doing things at Tjek.

As a team member, this is an integrated part of your contract so make sure to read it carefully—also when it's updated. If you have any questions, comments, etc., for the handbook, please write or talk to Fie Jørgensen (People & Culture).

Some of the sections in this handbook will apply only if you're working at our headquarters in Denmark. Such sections are clearly marked. If you're working off site, other rules may apply.

Our core principle

Our core principle

We have one core principle: act in Tjek's best interest.

We don't want to make rules for everything, as we trust you and your sense of judgement.

The basics

The basics


Updates in this Team Handbook will be shared on Slack—our one place for team communication.

Company language

Our (internal) company language is English, both in writing and orally.

How we work

How we work

Working remotely

Working remotely is a core part of Tjek. We believe you should be able to decide where and how to work yourself. With that being said, we think meeting up in the real world is also very valuable. It all depends on what kind of person you are, the situation, and how you and the team work together.

If you're considering working remotely from another country than the country you're employed in, please reach out to your manager and People & Culture, Fie Jørgensen, to clarify if this is a possibility.

Whether you work from the office or remotely, we want you to join in on all the fun. Therefore, we have a Slack channel, #social-club, where we share nice and fun things. And, we do also host virtual coffee breaks once a week and virtual Friday bars once in a while.

Friday meetings

We have one general team meeting every second Friday, always at 9.30 (AM), and it's mandatory to attend this.

On Fridays with team meetings, breakfast is served between 9-9.30 (AM) in the office.

At the meeting, there will be relevant updates from every team.


We share Walt Disney's spirit when it comes to meetings: The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

We encourage:

  • Stand-up or walking meetings instead of passive meetings.

  • Keeping meetings to a minimum

  • Video meetings for long distance unless it's beneficial for Tjek to meet in person.

We have set our default meeting time in the calendar to 25 minutes to limit the amount of time used on meetings.

It is important to have breaks, as it is crucial to be able to change context and stay focused. To make this happen, use these guidelines to avoid scheduling back-to-back meetings:

  • 5 minute break if the previous meeting has lasted 25 minutes

  • 10 minute break if the previous meeting has lasted one hour

Focus & distractions

Deep focus is where the magic happens. A hectic workday can easily involve lots of distractions and different contexts. Therefore, please consider your team members’ concentration when you need to talk to someone at the office. Also, please let people know if their conversation distracts you.

Guide on workplace behavior

At Tjek, we want to maintain a healthy and safe work culture where all team members thrive while doing their job.

Therefore, Tjek does not accept any bullying, harassment, discrimination, threats, physical violence or psychological abuse.

All team members must be aware of and follow the guidelines described in this section.

How we prevent behavior that violates our guidelines

To ensure a good and safe workplace for everyone, all team members should follow these guidelines:

  • Be respectful to each other

  • Remember that people have different boundaries

  • Say no if you experience anything that you may see as offensive

  • Always accept if a colleague says no

How we deal with violating behavior

Violations can vary in severity and, as a general rule, an action is considered a violation if it has been experienced in that way. If you experience being exposed to violations from managers or team members at Tjek or you observe that other team members are subject to violating behavior, you’re encouraged to contact your immediate manager or People & Culture.

In a situation where the violation comes from your manager, you are encouraged to contact People & Culture.

Alternatively, you can contact Jack Tolboe (COO) or Morten Bo Rønsholdt (CEO).

You can contact your manager or People & Culture both for help with how you can deal with the case yourself or how to get Tjek's help to deal with the case.

Tjek takes all inquiries about sexual harassment seriously. The information will be kept confidentially to unauthorized persons, and all inquiries will be followed up on. Also, your manager and/or People & Culture will not proceed with the case without the consent of the person reporting the violation.

You’re also welcome to contact Tjek anonymously through Officevibe. In this case, we’re able to start an anonymous dialogue about the case. If the inquiry is anonymous, we can unfortunately not proceed with the process for handling cases as presented below.

How we handle cases if there is consent:

  • First of all, it is important that how a case is handled is dependent on that specific case.

However, as a general rule of thumb, the following steps apply:

  • It is important to uncover the case so that an impartial assessment of the case can be made. The assessment is made through conversations with the person who made the inquiry, the person who has been accused of a violation, and any possible witnesses. These conversations are held by the immediate manager and People & Culture.

  • The manager and P&C seek solutions and focus on ensuring the safety of both parties in the given situation.

  • Depending on the case, there may be employment law consequences in the form of a notice of termination with immediate effect, which will depend on a concrete assessment of the circumstances and the seriousness of the case. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the person accused of violation(s) may be exempted from service during the investigation.

  • There may also be employment law consequences in relation to an employee who has made wrongful allegations of violation(s).

  • In some cases, the case will be referred to the Danish Working Environment Authority and the Labor Market Business Insurance.

  • In the event of reasonable suspicion of criminal acts, a police report is made with the consent of the offended party.

Depending on the specific situation, Tjek offers the necessary help, e.g., in the form of help via Gjensidige Forsikring.


Team members and managers can always contact People & Culture, Fie Jørgensen, about the above.

Practical stuff

Practical stuff


If you're full-timer, we are expecting you to work 37 hours a week.

Regular office hours are 09:00-17:00, but, if needed, your work hours can be flexible. This means that your work hours can be placed in other ways than the regular office hours. Make sure to coordinate this with your team and manager.

Be aware that lunch breaks are not paid for by Tjek. This means that the 30-minute lunch breakS are not included in the working hours.

If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.


Paychecks will be sent to your E-boks and can be seen at Zenegy (Tjek’s salary program). If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.

Pension & health insurance

We're offering voluntary pension plans where you set aside a part of your salary for pension at as favorable terms as possible. The pension will be at AP Pension, which we have chosen due to their sustainable pension plans.

Your health is important for Tjek, and, therefore, we provide private health insurance for you and your children. We have health insurance at Gjensidige Forsikring.

Contact Gjensidige Forsikring at +45 78 72 24 69.

If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.

If you have any questions about this, talk to Malene (Finance Manager) or Fie (People & Culture).


If it is necessary for your work tasks, Tjek will provide you with a phone and/or a subscription. If so, the rules are:

  • Use your subscription like you would if you paid for it yourself.

  • You cannot use the subscription to purchase anything.

  • You'll have a fixed amount of data that you may consume every month - if you need more, we'll talk about it.

  • Valid in the EU. Usage outside of the EU needs to be arranged with your manager, as it may become very expensive for Tjek, and hence, more restrictions will apply.

  • Restrict calls and messages to and from outside of the EU as much as possible. Use Wi-Fi whenever possible and use Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack Calls, Viber, or something else for calls.

If agreed upon, you can use the phone both as a private phone and a work phone. Please let Malene (Finance Manager) know, because you need to pay taxes if you use your phone privately.

If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.

Work-related traveling

You are covered by Tjek's travel insurance on all work-related travels, and you must therefore inform about your trip before departure to

Sick leave

No later than 09:00 on every day that you're (still) sick, please notify your manager on Slack. Make sure to notify about this every day that you're still sick. Please also notify your teammates.

Remember to update your Slack status during the sick leave.

When you're back at work: Register your sick leave in Zenegy and notify your manager and team that you're back from sick leave.

If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.

Child sick

You may take the first day off that your child is sick. This applies to children up to 15 years. Please notify your manager on Slack no later than 09:00 and let your teammates know too.

Remember to update your Slack status during the sick leave.

If your child is sick for longer than one day, you can take more days off, which you pay for yourself, e.g., with holidays or "feriefridage".

When you're back at work: Register your sick leave as "child's sick days" in Zenegy.

If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.


As a full-time and part-time team member, you have five weeks off every year. It is the Danish holidays rules that apply. The longer you're on the team, the more is paid by Tjek (normal Danish rules).

You earn 2,08 days of vacation every month that you're on the team, which becomes 25 days a year. See more information at

If you’re student worker, you’ll find the vacation terms in your contract.

If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.

Days off

As a general rule, any days off must be:

  1. Agreed upon with your manager and team (to ensure that Tjek will be running like a charm while you're away).

  2. Reported to Zenegy (Tjek’s salary program)

  3. Inserted in our calendar using the ‘vacation’ label as you book your day(s) off.

If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.

Days off under special circumstances

You can take a paid day off if you're attending a funeral. Please register it in Zenegy under "Other absence" and note the reason under "Notes".

Spending and/or transferring vacation

Every year, you need to spend your vacation, note it in the vacation calendar (ask Fie how to do) and in Zenegy (Tjek’s salary program).

You can transfer a maximum of five days of vacation to the next vacation year if it's agreed upon in writing with Tjek.

If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.

Extra holiday

As our courtesy to you, we're giving you an additional two days off that you choose for yourself within each holiday year. These extra two days are called Feriefridage in your contract and "Extra Holiday" in Zenegy.

The days off are to be taken within each holiday year (September 1 to August 31). They cannot be transferred to the next holiday year.

The days off are to be taken as time off. Consequently, you can't claim payment for days off not taken at the end of any holiday year or at resignation.

1st year employment:

  • For employment in the period 1 September to 28 February, 2 days are granted.

  • For employment in the period 1 March to 31 August, 1 day is granted.

If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.

Public holidays

If you’re receiving a fixed monthly salary, you have paid days off during public bank holidays in Denmark. If a public bank holiday falls on a weekend, it doesn't mean that you can spend an additional regular day off.

Public holidays in Denmark follow the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark ( and are:

  • New Year's Day (January 1)

  • Maundy Thursday

  • Good Friday

  • Easter Sunday

  • Easter Monday

  • General Prayer Day

  • Ascension Day

  • Whit Sunday

  • Whit Monday

  • First Day of Christmas (December 25)

  • Second Day of Christmas (December 26)

As our courtesy to you, we're giving you a day off on both December 24 and 31.

If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.

Pregnancy, adoption, and parental leave

Tjek provides a parental leave scheme, which you can read about underneath. General information about parental leave and the rules in Denmark.

Parents are entitled to a total of:

  • 4 weeks “graviditetsorlov” for the mother before the birth. If the mother gives birth before the expected period, the “graviditetsorlov” is shortened. If, on the other hand, she gives birth later than expected, the “graviditetsorlov” is extended accordingly.

  • 14 weeks “barselsorlov” for the mother after the birth. The mother's “barselsorlov” starts the day after the birth. The mother is entitled to 14 weeks' absence. The first 2 weeks of the leave are mandatory.

  • 2 weeks “fædreorlov” for the father after the birth. The father is entitled to 2 weeks of absence immediately after the birth. He may take the leave at another time within the first 14 weeks after the birth.

  • 32-46 weeks “forældreorlov” for each of the parents after “barselsorlov”.“Forældreorlov” is taken after the child's 14th week. Both parents are entitled to 32 weeks' absence each and can choose to take leave at the same time or in extension of each other. However, the parents are only entitled to “barselsdagpenge” for 32 weeks together. Parents can take leave at the same time or in extension of each other but also have the option of extending or postponing the leave. Fathers can start “forældreorlov” while the mother is on “barselsorlov”. Each parent is entitled to extend the “forældreorlov” with 8-14 weeks.

Tjek’s Parental Leave scheme

The following parental leave scheme applies to all team members at Tjek working from DK. If you work and live in another country, other rules apply. Please reach out to Fie Jørgensen (People & Culture) to get more information.

Tjek’s parental leave scheme is seniority determined and below you can read about the rules that apply when you have to take parental leave.

1 - 11 months seniority

Team members who have 1-11 months of seniority at the time of birth receive salary in accordance with the rules of”funktionærloven” regarding parental leave. Link to the ”funktionærlov”:

12 months seniority and upwards

The right to salary during parental leave for team members at Tjek is as follows:

Female team members who have more than 12 months' seniority at the time of birth receive salary:

  • Graviditetsorlov: from 4 weeks before the expected date of birth

  • Barselsorlov: up to 14 weeks after the birth

  • Forældreorlov: up to 8 weeks, which must be used within 52 weeks after birth.

Male team members who have more than 12 months' seniority at the time of birth receive salary:

  • Fædreorlov: 2 consecutive weeks, which must be used within the first 14 weeks after birth

  • Forældreorlov: up to 8 weeks, which must be used within 52 weeks after “fædreorlov”.

Adoptants who at the time of receiving the child have more than 12 months' seniority will receive salary from 4 weeks before the arrival of the child and until 14 weeks after the arrival of the child according to paragraph 8 of “barselsloven”. Each of the parents' leave can be divided into a maximum of two periods unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

The salary corresponds to the salary that the person would have received during the period, including pension. The team member retains the right to dispose of benefits on usual terms (mobile phone, etc.).

It is, at all times, a prerequisite for receiving salary that Tjek is entitled to a reimbursement corresponding to the maximum “barselsdagpenge” rate during the periods in which the team member is entitled salary payments. Should the reimbursement be less, payment to the team member will be reduced accordingly.

What to remember when you’re going on parental leave

In connection with your parental leave, you must always remember to notify Tjek in accordance with the rules on employees' duty to notify employers of the right to absence in “barselsloven” paragraph 15. Link to “barselsloven”:

As a mother, you need to tell Tjek about your expected date of birth and when you are going on leave. You must do this no later than 3 months before your due date.

As a father, you need to tell Tjek when you expect to go on “fædreorlov”. You must do this no later than 4 weeks before you go on parental leave.

Furthermore, you need to tell Tjek when you expect to use the “forældreorlov”. You must do this no later than 8 weeks after the birth.

Office (#wildersgade)

Office (#wildersgade)


Our office is located at:

Wildersgade 41, 1408 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

Commuter’s deal

When travelling with bus, metro, and/or train to and from work, it’s possible to get make use of a commuter’s deal that Tjek has with DSB. The deal is that you will pay for the transportation via your gross salary, and, in that way, the price will be reduced to around half. Ask Malene (Finance Manager) if you have any questions.

If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.


You can park your car in the yard at the office if our one parking spot is free. If not, there’s lots of possible parking spots in the areas around the office with hourly prices (you pay for it yourself). Find the needed information about public parking in Copenhagen here:

Access and alarm

To access the office, you need an RFID card. Talk to Thomas Petersson (Office Manager) to get it.

If you're arriving first or leaving last, you need to turn off or turn on the alarm. Talk to Thomas Petersson (Office Manager) to get the code for the alarm.


If you have guests at the office, they need to use the Guest at Tjek 👋 network. Password is in 1Password in our shared vault.

Team members should use the Tjek network. Password is located in 1Password → Team-folder → Wireless Routers → Tjek.

Meeting rooms

At Wildersgade, we have two rooms that can be booked - simply add the room to your Google Calendar event. You can also subscribe to the calendar of the rooms to check availability by adding the rooms to your calendar.

Video meetings

We use Google's Chromeboxes for meetings, which uses Google Meet.

When you want to host a video meeting, simply create a calendar invite and add one of our meeting rooms just like you add guests. It is currently possible to have video meetings in the two meeting rooms and in the living room. When you go to the room, turn on the TV/Chromebox and voilà!

When you (or other people) want to join a video meeting, simply click the Google Meet link in the meeting invite.

Kitchen, food, and drinks

Kitchen, food, and drinks


How does going to a restaurant to eat lunch everyday sound to you? We have a lunch agreement with two local restaurants called Lalala and Sankt Annæ 8.

To eat lunch here you need food ticket. One ticket = one meal.

Curious about the menu? Find it here:

Every month you'll have the option to order new food tickets. Just click on the Google sheets link in #wildersgade and go order the amount of lunch tickets you want. The tickets don't expire, so a general advice is to order a bit too many tickets so you're sure to have enough for the whole month.

A ticket costs DKK 85. You pay DKK 25 per ticket via your salary. Tjek pays the rest.

If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.

Coffee and Tea

We have an awesome espresso machine, ready to serve you whatever coffee you'd like.

  • No milk? Fresh plant-based milk is in the fridge. Please let us know if we’ve run out.

  • No beans? Fresh beans from Coffee Collective are in the cupboards above the coffee machine. Please let Johan (Head of Sales, Sweden and Coffee Lead), if we've run out.

  • Broken? Get in touch with Thomas Petersson (Office Manager).

We also have a variety of teas that you can enjoy. Please let us know if we run out of tea.

Snacks and Beverages

We have a variety of fresh fruit, nuts, and beverages that you can enjoy. Please let us know if we have run out or if you have suggestions for the variety.


We expect from you that you help keep the office nice and clean. This means emptying the dishwasher, cleaning our beloved coffee machine, sorting the garbage correctly, and just taking care of anything that makes the office look messy.

Keeping the office nice and tidy is everyone's responsibility and indirectly delegating work to your fellow team members by not fixing things yourself.


You can get a 10% discount at Emmerys on the corner of Wildersgade (Torvegade 25). To get the discount, contact Thomas (Office Manager).



We believe that a clear mind resides best in a fit body, so we provide you with:

  1. Standing desks so you can vary your working position throughout the day.

  2. Stand-up mats or ergonomic sit-stand chairs that you can use instead of your regular chair.

  3. If you have trouble quitting smoking, our private health insurance can help you.


We all use many hours at our desks every day and therefore massage can be a big help to overcome headache, back pain, and sore neck, but it can also be used as a preventive treatment. Therefore, each Tuesday, it is possible to get a massage at Wildersgade performed by Louise or Jakob from Sportsterapeuten.

They can help with, e.g., a headache, sore neck and shoulders, back pain, “Musealbue” = Repetitive strain injury, tired legs, pain in ankles and knees, and preventive massage.

You can find the booking link in the description in our Slack channel called Wildergade. Follow these steps to book an appointment:

  • Go to “Virksomhedsmassage”

  • Select “TJEK – virksomhedsmassage”

  • Select “Videre” and “vis ledige tider for alle”

  • Choose a time

  • Enter contact information (first time only)

  • Check that the day and time is correct. You can also write a “note” to the therapist.

  • Select “Bekræft aftale” to confirm your appointment.

After booking, a confirmation with be sent to your e-mail. 24 hours before, a “reminder” is sent by text message.


Book only for one week at a time to let everyone have an equal chance at booking appointments.

If you know that you will not use your time or are sick, please cancel your time (preferably 24 hours) in advance through the link in the confirmation mail and write in Wildersgade on Slack to let other people that they can book your appointment.

The massage is performed in “heaven”. If you have any questions, reach out to Fie (People & Culture).


Computer Glasses

Tjek covers an examination of your vision and computer glasses for use when you work if your examination shows you need computer glasses.

We have an agreement with many different opticians through

To get the examination and computer glasses covered, you must bring a requisition from Tjek. Our Working Environment Representative, Sirin, makes these.

If you experience problems with your vision, tiredness, headaches or other discomforts, reach out to Sirin!

If you're working off-site, other rules may apply.



To keep you updated on any event at Tjek, you need to make sure to subscribe to our team calendar.

Friday bars

On some Fridays, we get together around 16:00 and wind down after a week of work!

Tjek pays for whatever reasonable amount of drinks and snacks that people want. Ask Malene to borrow a credit card to buy what’s needed. Also make sure to announce it on Slack, so everyone has the opportunity to join the Friday Bar.

Summer party

On the first Friday of June at 18:00, we always throw an awesome Summer party.

Tjek is paying for the party. The only thing we need you to do is to make sure to book this date in advance (program will be announced in May), bring your good mood, and have fun :-)

For the Summer party, it's cool if you bring a guest (e.g. your partner, friend, or someone else).

Christmas party

On the first Friday of December at 18:00, we always throw an awesome Christmas party.

Tjek is paying for the party. The only thing we need you to do is to make sure to book this date in advance (program will be announced in November). Bring your good mood, and have fun :-)

Hosting other events

We've hosted many events and we're happy to host even more events!

In many cases, we'll also pay for drinks and snacks if it serves a purpose of Tjek. Talk to your manager or Fie (People & Culture) about hosting an event at Tjek.

Alcohol, smoking, and drugs

Alcohol, smoking, and drugs


We accept a moderate consumption of alcohol during work in some cases:

  1. Social and celebratory events at the office.

  2. Representation of Tjek outside the office where it seems appropriate.


The following also applies to electronic cigarettes:

  • No smoking in the office.

  • You may smoke outside the office.

  • Do not light your cigarettes inside the office - not even in the doorway and not even if the weather is bad.


Strict zero-tolerance policy at all times.



We need to spend Tjek's money with as much care as when spending our own money.

Always save receipts—if not, you will end up paying for the stuff yourself. And never buy insurances for products, unless required by law or if your manager agrees to this.

Valid company expenses

Anything that is needed for your work is a valid company expense. Some examples are:

  • Work-related books (we want you to evolve!)

  • Software

  • Things for our office

  • Equipment (such as trackpads and keyboards)

In general, the same goes here. Spend Tjek's money with as much care as when you are spending your own money. If you're in doubt, ask your manager beforehand.

Payment Types

  • Reimbursement: You pay, we refund. Just send your receipts to Malene (Finance Manager). Business kilometers driven are always to be reimbursed over the salary and not paid in any other way. You'll need to fill out the form "Mileage" within 3 months after the driven kilometers but preferably once a month and within the same calendar year. The form "Mileage" over business kilometers driven in October, November and December has to be filled out before December 20th. If you're driving after December 20th, you'll need to fill out the form "Mileage" in the beginning of January. The reason for this is that the tax rules say that business kilometers shall be paid out in the tax year in which they are driven. Please contact Malene (Finance Manager) if you have any questions.

  • Company credit card (Pleo): If you almost always have expenses, you can request a company credit card from your manager.

  • Manager's company credit card: You can borrow your manager’s company credit card if you need to make a purchase and don't want to use your own money (and get refunded afterwards).

  • Invoicing: If your manager has accepted that another company may invoice Tjek, the invoice shall be sent as a PDF to with the exact invoicing details. Remember, however, VATs shouldn't always be added abroad—if you're in doubt, talk to Malene (Finance Manager).

Danish invoices:

Tjek A/S

CVR-nr. 32157785

Att. [Your Name]

Wildersgade 41

DK-1408 Copenhagen K

(+45) 70 60 50 46

English invoices:

Tjek A/S

VAT no. DK32157785

Att. [Your Name]

Wildersgade 41

DK-1408 Copenhagen K

+45 70 60 50 46

Basic tools

Basic tools


We want to have all our documents, sheets and presentations in one place to keep it simple. That is why we are using Google for almost everything.


We primarily use Google Mail for emails externally. We try to use Slack for most internal communication.

Please setup your mail signature like this:




[phone number]


It's important Tjek points to You can also add a paranthesis after Tjek if you want to specify something:

Fie Jørgensen

People & Culture



Fie Jørgensen

People & Culture

Tjek (eTilbudsavis & Mattilbud)

+45 12 34 56 78

Unsure of how to edit your email signature? Take a look at our guide in Google Drive > Communications.


We use Google Calendar to keep track of meetings, both internal and external. Many calendars are already public, so you can see what your teammates have planned. You need to subscribe to 1) the vacation calendar and 2) the team calendar. Ask Fie (People & Culture) how to do this.


We use Google Drive. Talk to Fie (People & Culture) for any questions regarding Google Drive.

We have shared drives for each team as well as a folder for general things and our office.

You have your own personal drive, but it is preferred that you use the shared drives, as your work can be relevant for your teammates.


We use Slack for all our internal communication.

For storage, we have two principles:

  1. Store files where they belong. We want to store files in the tool where they belong. For example, store client contracts in Pipedrive and project-related documents on GitHub.

  2. Do not store files only locally. If you have files that do not belong to any specific tool that we're using, we use Google Drive to store our files – either in your own My Drive or in the shared drive with our team.

More Tools

Depending on what you do at Tjek, you might need some of the following tools:


We use Pleo for company expenses. Ask Malene (Finance Manager).

Code and Project Management

We use GitHub for building software and managing projects. Talk to Anders (VP of Software Development) or Peter (Head of Support & Services) if you have any questions.


We use Pipedrive for client contracts. Ask Jack (COO) for access.


We use SignNow for this. Ask Jack (COO) for access.



Almost anyone on the team will, more or less, get access to the infrastructure of Tjek.

Our infrastructure is for work only. Any other use may result in a summary dismissal.

Needless to say, there are some basic rules governing the use of work equipment and infrastructure:

  1. Lock your computer (and require a password to open it). Whenever you leave your computer, lock it and make sure that a password is required to open it. This is to prevent abuse both when you are in and out of the office.

  2. Ensure encryption. Your computer's internal disks need to be encrypted. The same goes for your external disks. Find a guide for Mac here: Ask Morten Bo (CEO) if you have any questions.

Passwords and Authentication

For maximum security, you must:

  1. use an encrypted password vault. As your password vault for any Tjek-related passwords, you're required to use 1Password. Never store your Tjek-related passwords anywhere else (disable your browser's password manager, etc.).

  2. generate a new strong password with 1Password for every service that you use. Never use the same password for any services.

  3. enable two-factor authentication for all services that support it (Gmail, Slack, etc.). Ask Fie (People & Culture) how.

  4. never answer security questions! You could easily be subject to social engineering if you do so. Instead, generate a password for the security question via 1Password.


Tjek reserves the right to access your work accounts such as your work e-mail (never private ones, of course). Work e-mails might also be retained with Google Vault. This means that we don't monitor people at Tjek if we don't have a legal purpose to do so, and we have not done this in the past.

Private Matters

For private matters, feel free to use your work computer. But make sure it's always nice 'n' tidy.

  • Your vacation photos shouldn't suddenly pop up in a client meeting.

  • An iMessage shouldn't suddenly pop up while you're doing a presentation.

  • Your computer's desktop shouldn't be a mess of private matters; after all, it is a work computer.

  • If you want to use your phone for private matters, it is by law required to be taxed. Talk to Malene (Finance Manager) about this

Welcome to Tjek!

Welcome to Tjek!

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