Best Practices for Syndicating Your Digital Catalogs

Creating a catalog used to be for the purpose of sending it out into physical mailboxes. With digital catalogs such as a PDF, retailers started to integrate them on their websites or in their apps too.

Retailers also started making ads to highlight their new digital catalog, which leads people to their website. Companies also started popping up that focused on making aggregation platforms for multiple retailers and their digital catalogs.

This page will touch upon two ways for retailers to syndicate their digital catalogs and get more reach.

Get Your Digital Catalog Out to as Many Platforms as Possible

Retailers are in a lucky position since multiple platforms – including our own apps - focus on aggregating digital catalogs. These platforms are wildly popular. For example, our apps are used more by than 1,440,000 people every month in Scandinavia. So make sure you leverage these platforms to get maximum reach and connect potential customers with your stores. The great thing about digital catalogs is that they can contain hundreds of products.

Embed Your Digital Catalog On Ad Sites

Most websites, like news outlets, that deliver ads, support iframe solutions. That is, ads where you can embed an iframe. Using this iframe you can embed your digital catalog right into the website. This way, you can syndicate your digital catalog to multiple sites to inspire people without making new designs.

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