About Tjek

The Founding Story

Tjek was founded in Aalborg, Denmark in 2009 by Christian Birch and Morten Bo. They were surprised at how inefficient the process of distributing physical catalogs was. They thought a better way was needed.

They built a service to automatically extract all deals from a digital PDF catalog. Then they launched an iPhone app that allowed you to search for deals near you. The app became an overnight success and it went fast from there.

Tjek was fortunate to be funded by Karsten Ree and Frank Ludvigsen, which helped scale the business. Fast forward to today: Tjek has a great team, awesome customers, is profitable, gone international, and helps hundreds of thousands of people every week.

Meet Our Team

Here are the 40 people making it all happen. We are from all over the world: Lithuania, Italy, Denmark, England, Greece, Ukraine, Czechia, Sweden, Germany, the Philippines, Spain, and Poland. Do you want to join us?

Meet Our Founders

Tjek was founded by Christian Birch (left) and Morten Bo in their early 20's. Both have been coding and making projects since they were very young. Today, Morten Bo is the CEO and Christian is a member of the board.

The Tjek founders

Tjek Believes In


Good people

Being optimistic

Putting people first

Questioning what is right

Putting people first and questioning what is right essentially boils down to:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Our shopping apps have zero 3rd parties tracking you, we don't spam or annoy you, we try to have you spend less time in the app–not more, and we don't optimize for a 0.2 % revenue increase.

As you may have noticed, we use the word people instead of users:

"There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’: illegal drugs and software" - Edward Tufte

We call people people. While it's just a word, it reminds us we're building for the human behind the screen.

At the end of the day, we try to build a great product that we want to use ourselves. And we require everyone at Tjek to get their hands dirty. No one sits in a corner office giving out commands.

Check out our development principles and how we work in Software Development if you want to know more about how we build products.

Our Office

People can work when and where they want as we trust them to act in Tjek's best interest. But we also have a place people can use when they want.

Call us corny: our office at Christianshavn in Copenhagen is decorated as a real home to remind us we're improving your daily life. And at the same time we wanted to create place where the team feels at home when they're away from home. There are still desks there though!

Wildersgade 41, 1408, København K, Danmark.

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