Privacy Policy

This is relevant to you if you are a client of ours.

We often see privacy policies that are impossible to understand, too technical, too comprehensive, and written by lawyers for lawyers. We hope this privacy policy is different and easy to understand for you.

We try to build products that put people first in every decision, and we hope it shows. We'll keep improving our privacy policy, and we'll let you know if something significant changes.

For example, doesn't have a cookie notice because we don't store cookies or track you. Our newsletter doesn't track you either. We only have your email in our newsletter system to be able to send you an email. We have no idea who opens our newsletter and who clicks them. That's one example of our privacy stance.

Preferences / Cookies

We only use cookies to make our services work so that you can login and stay logged in.

Content Management System (CMS)

The CMS is where you manage all of the content of your business: publications, local businesses, and offers.

The CMS has one account per brand where you and your co-workers can have access. Since our CMS runs via our eTilbudsavis / eReklamblad brands, we'll refer you to the privacy policies for each of those. They are all the same but in different language:

Here you can also see how to delete our CMS account.


When you become a part of the CMS or you manually subscribe to the newsletter, you are added to our Tjek newsletter list. You can always unsubscribe. It's a monthly newsletter where you'll learn about market trends, using the CMS, Incito cases, and much more.

We use Campaign Monitor for this and we only store your email. We don't track when you open the emails or click links in the emails. It's completely private. Sure, we lose out on tracking but your privacy is more important.


You can always find basic stats when using the CMS. Insights is our Microsoft Power BI solution made together with CatMan Solution.

Here we can see who logs in, when you log in, what IP you used, what features you use, and so on. We do a lot to make sure this data is protected so we need to audit these things. All of this data is deleted after 30 days.


When we create invoices, we relay the information of the contact person to our Business Central where we handle all finances. Usually, the people with access to the CMS and the finance contact person are two different people. We only use name and email so we know who to send invoices to, who to contact if there are payment issues etc.

Key Account Work

When you are a client of ours or we are in dialog with you, there's a lot of key account work going on. Emails and noting down the correspondance in our CRM system, Pipedrive.

We do this to optimize our sales process and customer service. Just like any other company. We make sure to limit this to Pipedrive and emails. We also make sure to limit this to Pipedrive and emails. Matter of fact, we update or delete obsolete data at least once a year in Pipedrive

Access Your Data and Your Other Rights

You can always contact us on if you want to know which data we have on you. You just have to provide your email so we can find you.

You can also write us to fix incorrect data about yourself that for one reason or the other have been registered.

In certain cases you also have the right to get your personal data deleted and the processing of your data limited. Please be aware certain features in the CMS depend on your personal data (like logging in), and by limiting the use of your personal data, you won't be able to use all features. In addition, you have the right to object to our processing of your personal data.

Who Can Access Your Data

We have a principle that as few people as possible should be able to access your data.

For the CMS, only a few trusted developers have the option of accessing the database because they work on improving it each day. No one can see your password as it's encrypted.

All of our developers are based within EU/EEA, and we never transfer your data to countries outside this area.

When it comes to your personal data in our CRM system, the entire sales team has access to this to be able to do proper customer relationship management.


Tjek is owned by Tjek A/S that is responsible for your data. If you wish to file a complaint you can always reach out to the Danish Data Protection Agency. You can find our contact info here.

Final Thoughts

Our work isn't done yet. In the future we wish to secure your privacy even more.

We believe your privacy should be secured through technology and not words in a privacy policy. In theory we could write whatever we wanted and do something else. That's why true security is our goal just like we see messaging apps that have end-to-end encryption where you can write friends and family without anyone eavesdropping.

We are however quite proud of our approach to privacy and we hope you can see the work we've put into it.

Third Parties


Privacy Policy.

Pipedrive is our CRM platform. This is where all related information about clients and potential clients get stored.

Campaign Monitor

Privacy Policy.

Campaign Monitor is what we use for the monthly newsletters. As stated above, we only store your email, you can always unsubscribe, and we don't track opens and clicks when we send out newsletters. It's totally private.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Privacy Policy.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is where we handle all finances at Tjek and send/manage invoices.

Microsoft Power BI

Privacy Policy

Microsoft Power BI is used for Insights by Tjek to deliver insights about what people search for, promotions retailers are running, and so on.

The Power BI data is stored on servers in North Europe (Ireland).


Privacy Policy.

SignNow is what we use for signing digital contracts. When you are to become a client of ours, we'll send the contract via SignNow for you to sign.

Google Workplace

Privacy Policy.

We use Google Workplace for docs, sheets, emails, and so on. Every team member at Tjek gets an account via Google Workplace. So when we send personal emails, it's via Gmail / Google Workplace.

Amazon Web Services

Privacy Policy.

Amazon Web Services is responsible for some of our servers, databases, and infrastructure. We continue to improve security both online and offline. For example, we've enabled database encryption to avoid physical access to data in Amazon's data centers.

Google Cloud

Privacy Policy.

Google Cloud is also responsible for some of our servers, databases, and infrastructure. We continue to improve security both online and offline.


Privacy Policy.

We use Relatel for our cellular connectivity. Via Relatel we get SIM cards, eSIM's, and we can see call history etc. in their system.

We support Danish Red Cross