Helping People Do Their Shopping

We create a daily life in check for people by helping them do their shopping. That's why we call ourselves Tjek, which is Danish for check ✅ Learn more about us?

We Help Millions Find Deals on Food & More

Our shopping apps help people save money and time in everyday life. Deals and leaflets are aggregated from stores within groceries, DIY, cross-border, electronics, and much more.

Our core principle when developing products is putting people first. Case in point: our apps use zero 3rd party SDK's and we don't track people at all.

We’re Reinventing the Digital Catalog

To many, a digital catalog is synonymous with a PDF. To us, a digital catalog is a collection of products presented in an inspiring way. We've reimagined the print PDF catalog to be 100 % digital: responsive, accessible, personal, context-aware, and much more. We call it: Incito.

Major retailers already use Incito as part of their strategy.

Retailers Depend on Our CMS

We've developed a batteries included CMS for retailers where they can manage their digital catalogs, offers, stores, and more. They can distribute their content to our shopping apps and their own apps using our API's and SDK's. Here are some retailer apps that use our SDK:

We collaborate with retailers like Coop, Salling Group, Dagrofa, SPORTMASTER, Elgiganten, BAUHAUS, Matas, Media Markt, and many more.

We Help Businesses Increase Relevance

Our shopping apps and ecosystem generate a ton of anonymous data. We aggregate all of this both on the supply and demand side, and make it available via our Insights platform. The goal is to help retailers and brands become more relevant, thus creating a win-win for them and their (potential) customers.

Major brands Nestlé, Danish Crown, and many more use Insights.

We support Danish Red Cross