API's and SDK's

We quickly realized that all of our clients needed the same services and tools we need for our own shopping apps. That is why we make sure our clients can use the things we build too.

This approach to development means we are just as interested in uptime and great quality as our clients are. Plus, we are more lean without extra set of API's and SDK's we need to maintain.

The way to think about API's and SDK's: our API's deliver data in a streamlined way, and the SDK's make it easy for clients to use our API's. They are all building blocks that clients can use.

Every year, we show more than 3,900,000,000 publication pages via our API.

A Fast Publication Reader

Not only do we show a list of publications, we've built a really fast publication reader for both PDF's and Incito. The publication reader is 100 % iframe-less, fast, responsive, extensible, and white-label.

As you can see in the example above from Netto in Denmark, they've built their own solution on top of ours with their own shopping list. Our SDK automatically exposes all the offers as hotspots in the PDF, allowing them to hook into when people click the hotspots.

Our SDK's are cross-platform and responsive, so you can easily implement your publication on iOS, Android, and web.

The Incito Publication Reader

Just like the PDF, we've made a fast and white-label Incito reader where clients can build menus on top, add custom click handlers, and more.

Because we use the same code, we provide the same great reading experience on our website and native apps too.

Timing Your Publications

We've built a CMS that allows businesses to manage all of their publications. In the CMS, you can define the validity dates for your publications and much more. Then, when you implement our SDK on your website and native apps, we automatically show the right publications. You don't have to do anything manually every week. Here's an example of how Elgiganten (DK) does it:


Want to start using our API's? Go check out our GitHub account where you can find links to our SDK's. You can also read our guide on how to integrate your digital publication.

We support Danish Red Cross